Shugo Chara

May contain spoilers.

For all ages

Every child has an unseen egg within their hearts. These eggs show their dreams and who they really are, and when it has hatched the child whom owns the egg would have a “Guardian Character”.

To Amu Hinamori, the main character, has a different story. She was a new student at Seiyo Elementary where everyone sees and thinks of her as “cool and spicy”. Due to her timid nature, she ends up acting cool and snobby when in fact she is just a normal and cute girl.  One day, she wishes for courage to show who she really is.

The next day, she wakes up with three mysterious eggs. She then wonders what they are. While she was on her way to school, an egg started to move, which caused “the guardians” (Amu happened to have a crush on the leader) to notice. Amu snobs the leader due to her timidness. During a school assembly, she wishes to apologize to the guardian leader, she hears a strange voice and suddenly shouts that she likes the leader but is then rejected. Amu doesn’t know what caused her to do that and due to embarrassment, she runs out the school and later finds that the strange voice was one of her eggs which has hatched.

She then meets more characters onward through the story along with her other guardian characters.

A great anime and manga about friendship, dreams, and romance.



Kanae Itō as Amu Hinamori

Kana Asumi as Ran

Nanae Katou as Miki

Aki Toyosaki as Su

Kanae Itō as Dia

Yuuichi Nakamura as Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Miyuki Sawashiro as Yoru

Nana Mizuki as Utau Hoshina
Hiromi Konno as Il

Hyo-sei as El

Reiko Takagi as Tadase Hotori

Kaya Miyake as Kiseki

Atsushi Abe as Kūkai Sōma

Hiroyuki Yoshino as Daichi

Tomoko Nakamura as Yaya Yuiki

Kimiko Koyama as Pepe

Sayuri Yahagi as Rima Mashiro

Sayaka Narita as Kusu Kusu

Saeko Chiba as Nadeshiko\Nagihiko Fujisaki

Ryoka Yuzuki as Temari

Mitsuki Saiga as Kairi Sanjou

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Musashi

Junji Majima as Yū Nikaido


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