Arakawa under the Bridge

For ages 13 above

At a young age, Kou Ichinomiya was always told and trained to never rely on others. Even when he was born, as he grew up his father has always made him repay him after doing something for Kou, no matter what it is.

One day, hes pants were stolen and hung above the bridge by a bunch of kids. He is offered help by a girl with beautiful blond hair, but due to his asthma (he gets it when he rely on people) he does not accept the offer. While he climes up on the top of the bridge, part of the bridge collapses and he falls into the river with a steel pole preventing him from reaching the surface. The strange girl saves him, and since she saved his life, he must repay her in any means possible. She doesn’t want anything, not even millions of yen (Kou is extremely rich). She then decides for him to be her boyfriend and live with everyone else who lives under the bridge.

A hilarious anime filled with completely random yet absolutely funny conversations.


Kou “Riku” Ichinomiya
Terumasa Takai
Toru “Shiro” Shirai
Village Chief
Seki Ichinomiya
Last Samurai

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