My favorite animated films.


by the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

For all ages

May contain spoilers.

Kidnapped as a newly born child, Repunzel was raised in isolation. Every year on her birthday, lanterns are released into the sky by her real parents, the king and queen, and the rest of the kingdom as a signal for their missing princess, Repunzel.

Raised in isolation, Repunzel has no idea what lays in the outdoors. But every year, she has always wishes to go outdoors and see the lanterns which are launched into the sky on her birth day.  But every time she asks her mother, the woman who kidnapped her, she is never allowed to leave.

On the day before her birthday, a young thief, Flynn, decides to hide in the tower which holds Repunzel. Flynn doesn’t know that Repunzel is there and is then knocked out by Repunzel by surprise. Repunzel asks Flynn to take her to see the lanterns in exchange for the tiara that Flynn stole and Repunzel hid.

The story goes on from there and leads to a hilarious adventure filled with romance.

(I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! Its super funny, I recommend it).



– Repunzel

– Flynn Rider

– Maximus

– Pascal

– Mother Gothel